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The Murder in Schimpville and One Prisoner Who Couldn't be Contained

If I told you a murder occurred in Schimpville, you'd probably have no idea where I was talking about. Well, "Schimpville" would be referring to the 1800's version of the Yuba Sutter fair, in Marysville. In 1858, Marysville was considered prominent enough of a city that the California State Fair was held there. In 1897, the fair was held in a place called "Schimpville". These were lands near the Browns Valley grade road in East Marysville. This was the start of open-air fairs in our area.

So, If you can imagine the following occurring somewhere near East Marysville, you will get an idea of its locale.The Murder in Schimpville 

This is the story of a murder that occurred in the Fall of  1882 in the early hours of the morning. "Schimpville" was named after the Schimp Dairy, where Mathias Blumer and Fred Schindler worked.

Mathias beat Fred to death with a hammer. Yet another story of jealousy over a woman. My blog seems to be littered with stories su…

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