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Cemetery Park; a look into organized grave desecration

noun, plural cem·e·ter·ies.

an area set apart for or containing graves, tombs, or funeral urns, especially one that is not a churchyard; burial ground; graveyard.

When the loss of a family member occurs, we go through a whirlwind of tasks that we do with extra precision; the settling of affairs, the granting of  wishes, the careful planning of a funeral. Imagine the time and care that goes into those plans. Every detail, from the flowers to the place you lay your loved one to rest has a special sincerity, that comes from the heart of those who are left to make the decisions.

Think of the late nights wide awake, doodling onto several sheets of paper, searching for the words to express an adequate  amount of love, gratitude and sorrow to put into an epitaph. Imagine the solace that one would find knowing that those words would be engraved in stone forever. Then those moments of clarity would strike, reminding you that you needed to pull together every penny you had …

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